PAN  (Individuals) $350.00 1st hour/ $100.00 per hour after
TUK BAND/DRUMMERS $400.00 per performance of 40 mins or part thereof
TUK BAND/DRUMMERS $500.00 per hour
STILTWALKERS $350.00 per performance per person
SHAGGY BEARS $350.00 per performance per person
GREEN MONKEYS $350.00 per performance per person
MOTHER SALLIES $150.00 per performance per person
CALYPSO DANCER $300.00 per performance
FIRE-EATER $350.00 per performance
LIMBO DANCER $350.00 per performance including guest limbo
PERCUSSION GROUP $1000.00 per 20-30 minute performance
LIVE BAND WITH SINGER(S) $700.00 per 21/2-hour set
SOLO SAX PLAYER $500.00 per 2-hour set
LATIN DANCERS $300.00 per dance presentation
M.C. (English/Spanish/French) $200.00 per show
JAZZ TRIO $700.00 per 2 1/2 hour set
AFRO/CARIB  DANCERS $400.00 per dance (up to four dancers)
SOLO DINNER PIANIST $450.00 per 2-hour session
 AFRICAN DANCERS AND DRUMMERS  $500.00  per performance

 The above price structure does not include VAT and applies to Weddings, Special Events and One -off jobs. Rates are however negotiable based on frequency of performances, the configuration of the performance and the number of persons being hired. Adjustments are possible to suit individual needs. Last minute requests may be accommodated depending on availability of performers and their change of fees. Christmas time and Holidays carry an upgraded  rate.