Respiratory Protective Equipment (RPE) & Fit Testing

Respiratory protection is a key control measure to protect personnel from exposure to atmospheric hazards and airborne contaminants. Chemicals, microbes, both organic and synthetic non-microbial particles (i.e. wood or plastic dusts), and oxygen deficient environments require specific personal protective equipment when engineering controls are not possible or practical under the circumstances. It is critical that workers and employers understand the proper respirator type, use, and care required to maintain a safe environment. Topics include:

  • Overview of types of Respiratory Protective Equipment (RPE)
  • Respirators vs. Surgical Masks
  • Respirator Ratings such as N100, N99, N95, P95 & R95
  • Limitations and precautions when wearing RPE
  • Fitting considerations and Practical exercises in “Donning” and “Doffing”
  • Personal “Qualitative Fit testing” verification

Intended Audience: Anyone who wants to learn the protective benefits and proper method of “donning” and “doffing” respirators, including N95 and cloth masks.

Duration: 8 hours

Cost: $450 USD / $900 BBD