The Bird’s Nest

About Us


Since 1967 Bird’s Nest Foods was mainly recognised for its internationally known Restaurant and Bar and has been creating its own hot sauces and seasoning blends since its inception.

From the restaurant days, there was an overwhelming response to these “in-house” pepper sauces and chopped seasonings, with many requests being made from customers to purchase bottles of these products.

After fulfiling these requests on a small scale, recycling rum bottles, jam jars and what ever containers were at hand, the idea of offering these products officially to the wider public was developed.

It was shortly after, that the trademark “BAJAN HOT” was created for our gourmet line of pepper products. Master Blender Rose and son Ricardo of Bird’s Nest Foods, at the request of friends and customers developed the processes to bring their well loved sauces direct to your kitchen. The products include a gourmet line of pepper sauces, moist chopped seasonings, bottled / pickled peppers and other spicy sauces and preserves. Ideal for chefs and home cooks, to add zest to snacks, sandwiches and meals, for a true West Indian flair.

So, transform a simple snack or meal into a gourmet delight, providing authentic Barbadian / Caribbean flavor whether you are a Caribbean national or international visitor.

Rose & Ricardo Walcott