Our skilled installers are committed
to providing professional installation services to our customers.  You can be confident that all projects, big
or small, are correctly executed and completed on time.  All waste packaging is taken away from site
and transported to the local recycling plant.

Relocation of Offices

Whatever the size of your operation, whether you’re moving a small office or multiple
departments, Align is your number one choice. 
Our friendly and efficient team will ensure that completion is within
the specified timeframe to minimise disruptions and office downtime.



As your business changes, its office layout
may need to change.  Let Align
reconfigure your existing furniture to recreate a new work environment.  This will enable you to accommodate additional
staff or move teams and departments.

Servicing of Safes

Locked out? Forgotten
your password?  Lost key? Align has the 
experience and
expertise to address various problems. 
We can 
repair and service
your safe; provide locks and keys; and 
combinations.  If you need a safe moved
to a new 
position or a
different location, we have an experienced team 
that can facilitate
the move in a safe and efficient manner.