SBA Building Regional Networks

The Dominican Republic’s Ministry of Industry, Commerce and MSMEs (MICM) recently held its fifth edition of MSME Week in October under the theme “Boosting Competitiveness in MSMEs & Entrepreneurs.”

The main objective of the week was to promote competitiveness and innovation among small and medium-sized entrepreneurs in the Dominican Republic and offered an array of professional services from over thirty international technology companies and national resources. Notably, training was also provided by experts in the main technology companies in the world market such as Facebook, Google and Amazon, who discussed how business owners could grow their businesses via social networks and digital platforms.

panel 06

(CEO of the SBA, Senator Dr. Lynette Holder (left) looking on with other panellists during the discussion)

Activities during the week included more than sixty conferences and ten panel discussions on several topics including financing, digital marketing, business and entrepreneurship.
CEO of the Small Business Association of Barbados (SBA), Senator Dr. Lynette Holder was invited as one of several regional experts to participate in a panel discussion. The high-level dialogue was based on the topic of “Policies and Women’s Entrepreneurship” and included other panellists from countries in the Caribbean and Central America. The panel discussion sought to enhance knowledge of the situation of Small Business Associations and the status of the promotion of women and youth entrepreneurship in the aforementioned territories. The dialogue also sought to find ways to assist regional associations in improving and promoting female and youth entrepreneurship.

Commenting on her trip to the Dominican Republic, Senator Dr. Holder stated that the week provided a great opportunity for building strong networks across the region. She also revealed that the association would continue to seek out and form global partnerships for the benefit of the local MSME sector.