Youth Encouraged to Engage the World through Technology

Over 140 secondary school students recently gathered at the Savannah Beach Hotel to showcase a year’s worth of hard work, dedication and entrepreneurial prowess during the Enterprise in Action (EIA) Youth Forum.

IMG 7905

(Students at the Savannah Beach Hotel paying attention to the various video presentations.)

 This tenth iteration of the EIA Youth programme, was a major success, with over 270 fourth and fifth year students enrolled from ten secondary schools. As always, this outstanding programme provided the Small Business Association with the opportunity to nurture and develop an entrepreneurial mind-set in the youth. The programme facilitated a series of training courses in entrepreneurship and challenged students to develop a business idea to its operational stage in order to cement the tenets of business start-up and management learned in class. The climax of this journey for students ended in the opportunity to present their business projects to the SBA staff, major stakeholders, sponsors and members of the media alike. 

This year under the theme “Using Technology to Engage the World”, the student entrepreneurs were challenged to use technology to create short video presentations stating their learning experiences in the programme and what they achieved throughout their course of business. Some of the impressive business ideas included, the sale of all-natural hand-made
soaps, branded t-shirts, home-made baked goods, popular snacks, hygiene products and healthy fruit smoothies.

IMG 7861 3   IMG 7858   IMG 7882

( Some of the goods created by the student entrepreneurs)

After their presentations students were addressed by experts in the technological field including Ms. Veronica Millington from Caribbean Transit Solutions, Mr. Damany Reid from Transcend Technology and Mr. Chris Welch from CW Visuals. These guest presentations truly helped to inspire students to think outside of the box on how technology could be used to expand their professional horizons.

In the upcoming year, the association aims to maintain this standard of excellence with a view that the training of the island’s youth in the principles of entrepreneurship is key to building a sustainable economy. Additionally, due to the effort and success of the programme so far, the SBA has partnered with the Technical and Vocational Education and Training Council (TVET), to transition the EIA Youth Programme into a National Vocational Qualification. This process will allow the 2019-2020 cohort to receive this locally and regionally recognised certification on completion of their secondary school tenure, further enhancing their value in the professional arena.