SBA Partners with Corporate Leaders to Benefit Members

The Small Business Association (SBA) recently held its Networking Session at the Savannah Beach Hotel. At this highly anticipated event, over one hundred members and guests were given the opportunity to connect with like-minded entrepreneurs to build strong corporate networks within the MSME Sector. 

 Participants also won prizes from industry partners and businesses within the Be SME SMART Marketplace.

Notably, at the session which was hosted by the Chief Executive Officer of the SBA, Senator Lynette Holder, the association announced its newest partnerships and product launch. Members saw presentations done by Cave Shepherd & Company Ltd and Sagicor Life Inc in relation to the Cave Shepherd Card Mobile App and the CariCare Advantage Plan, respectively.

The Cave Shepherd Card Mobile App is a quick and easy service allowing cardholders to manage their Cave Shepherd Card account at their own convenience. Once the app is downloaded, persons can view account balances, send and receive funds, pay registered mobile partners and track card and app transactions. This creates a special opportunity for small business owners and members of the SBA are encouraged to sign up and join the growing list of Cave Shepherd Card Mobile Partners.

Benefits of being a partner include the ease of accepting payments for products and services, the lack of hassle and expense associated with a Point of Sale terminal and the security of each transaction as all funds are placed in your Cave Shepherd Card account which can then be transferred to a designated bank of your choosing.

Equally as beneficial to members would be the CariCare Advantage Plan proposed by the SBA. This is a group medical insurance plan provided by Sagicor Life Inc whereby small business owners will be able to obtain a number of medical benefits and a greater level of security in relation to their health. Members of the association present at the session were encouraged to take advantage of this plan as the point was made that the wealth of an entrepreneur is directly linked to the health of the entrepreneur.

Interested members are asked to contact the secretariat to find out more information on how they can sign up!