First Ever Janitorial NVQ Training Session

Trainees of the new NVQ in janitorial training launched in April at the Small Business Association.

The SBA is proud to have partnered with the Technical Vocational & Education Training Council and the Barbados Association of Professional Cleaners to provide the first ever National Vocational Qualification training for the Janitorial Industry.

The sessions which are already in full swing are consistent with the BAPC’s vision to develop occupational standards for the Janitorial industry and the SBA’s mandate to build the skills of small business owners and staff. The sessions seek to provide trainees with the requisite knowledge and skills in order for firms to standardize their operations to offer a quality and certified product in the local market.

Due to changing business environments and the business model of outsourcing adopted by many large firms in Barbados, the Janitorial Industry in the island has seen significant growth in the past decade.

A few of the challenges facing the industry, which the training sessions seek to rectify, are the prevalent informality in the sector, the inconsistency in service delivery and the lack of regulation to determine standardization and best practices. These challenges came about as a result of an increase in small
janitorial firms due to the ease of entry into the market and the relatively low cost of business start-up. An additional issue impacting the industry was the growth of the sector due to a steady increase in the outsourcing of home care and cleaning.

In view of this, the janitorial industry has consequently developed in some quarters an image of poor quality, particularly among micro and small firms, coupled with a perception of being non-compliant relative to health & safety legislation.

Therefore, the introduction of a NVQ in janitorial services seeks to address the need for skills development, standardisation and certification for the sector. Participants will undergo training in 17 Unites, which include theory and practical sessions. The level two qualification will ensure that supervisors and senior officers in the industry are equipped to lead their teams in the delivery of quality services across the private sector.

The training sessions being held at the SBA’s headquarters are both a necessary and timely objective, imperative to the steering of the sector into the right direction.

Picture Caption: Trainees of the new NVQ in janitorial training launched in April at the Small Business Association.