Dr. Biz - "How can I make my business stand out from my competitors?"

Dr. Biz

It is no secret that the COVID-19 pandemic has had a deleterious impact on the global economy, resulting in a high increase in unemployment locally. To combat this financial difficulty, many persons have opened their own businesses in an attempt to make ends meet. However, this increase in small businesses has been met with a decline in consumer spending as the depressed state of the economy continues.

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CEO’s Last Words - Put Christ in your Christmas!


As the Christmas season approaches, many are planning the usual painting of the house, baking the ham and preparing the seasonal treats such as black cake, jug-jug and sorrel drink. Given the challenging 22 months we have experienced due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Barbadians can definitely benefit from a refreshing season and a time to share with family and friends. Some have even posited that we are experiencing COVID fatigue. What better time for a paradigm shift mentally, than Christmas?

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Members Encouraged to Think Global

Continuing the dialogue on globalisation started during Small Business Week 2021 at the State of the Sector Conference, the SBA held a recent webinar under the theme “Locally Developed Global Reach – A Discussion on Exporting your Business.” 

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Exploring Alternative Sources of Finance for MSMEs

The Small Business Association is fully aware that access to financing in the region has been one of the major impediments to growth for small businesses. As a result, the association has lobbied and encouraged policymakers to consider the provision of grants and stimulus support to firms, especially in this COVID-19 environment. 

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Small Business Week 2021 Recap

sbw recapDespite the challenging socio-economic climate facing the small business sector due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, the Small Business Association held a week of activities to provide encouragement, insight and invaluable knowledge to small business owners. 

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