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Blessed Rentals

Provides Wheelchair Accessible Transportation Taxis and Hired Vehicles. Receive a 5% Discou[...]
Plantain Walk, Forde's Road, Clapham, St. Michael

Summer's Haven Car Rentals

10% Discount is offered on early bookings.

Blessed Rentals Inc.

5% Discount is offered on weekly rentals.
Plaintain Walk, Fordes Road, Clapham, St. Michael

Southern Rentals Ltd.

10% Discount is offered on car rental services.
1st Ave Fairholme Gardens, Maxwell Christ Church

Jones Garage & Rent-A-Car Ltd

15% Discount on all car rentals
Passage Road, St. Michael

Ward's Rental Car

10% discount on car rentals Ward's Rental Car provides car rental and taxi services
Sion Hill, St. James
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