The Be SME SMART Programme is designed to sensitise consumers about the products offered by Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSME) and to encourage the patronage of firms within this sector.

The campaign’s key objective is the sustainability of small firms through inter alia,
• Saving jobslogo 01 300x300
• Increasing revenue
• Reducing the use of foreign exchange

• Enhancing the competitiveness of firms

• Improving the quality of goods and services offered in the sector.

The Be SME SMART campaign features a Discount Programme which includes a SMART Card designed to benefit consumers and businesses alike. Businesses are encouraged to sign up to be a part of the Be SME SMART Discount Programme to encourage consumers to patronise their business.

Consumers presenting their SMART Card to participating businesses at every purchase, will receive discounts and special offers.

The more the consumer shops, the more they will save money and the more small businesses will benefit. It’s that easy!

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