For All Meats.

For Poultry.

For Vegetables.

For Seafood.

With international cultural influences as a starting point, Chef Derek Went has balanced the proportions of all the seasoning ingredients found in cooking from the region; to let you recreate delicious, island inspired cuisine with simple convenience.

For Granny.

These aromatic spice blends are all compatible with each other, allowing you to become very adventurous when creating your own Caribbean fusions in the kitchen.

The Taste of the Caribbean In a Bottle!


The 5 profiles of this All-Purpose range of natural herbs and spices

are based on the diverse cultural fusions that have shaped Caribbean Cuisine.

The current range reflects Spanish, Chinese, African, French and Portuguese flavour combinations.
A formula for Caribbean Indian Curries will be in production soon.
All the blends are fully intermixable and compatible with each other and allow for personal creativity in the kitchen:
The large particle size of the formulae ensure potent, long-lasting flavour and none of the typical clumping, hardening or loss of taste commonly associated with powdered blends.
The recommended quantity for use is ½ a teaspoon per pound of ingredient. Shelf Life: 2+ years.

  • WentWorx contain:
  • NO Monosodium Glutamate,
  • NO Salt,
  • NO Sugar,
  • NO Artificial Preservatives,
  • NO Fillers,
  • NO Anti-caking Agents
  • NO Animal products

They are currently available in 2 oz, 4 oz and 8 oz plastic shaker bottles with flip top lids, and by the pound/kg in plastic bags for commercial use.

Other Positives:

None of the blends is too hot and spicy so as to overwhelm the taste of the ingredients into which they are added.

They simply enhance and influence the final flavours to produce an authentic Caribbean style meal. They can be enjoyed even by children.

The consideration of time tested, traditional herbal benefits of many of the ingredients used in the blends means that WentWorx also contributes to the balancing and activation of the health support systems of the body.

With the creative use of these dry mixtures that reconstitute on contact with moisture, it is possible to create a wide variety of delectable sauces, salsas, marinades, dressings, dips, relishes and chutneys that recreate the tastes of the Caribbean with ease and convenience.

Since the particle sizes of many of the ingredients are intentionally quite large they contain high measures of active volatile oils, therefore a small amount goes a longer way in adding significant taste than do most powdered spices.

The coarse textures also ensure that the product remains loose in its container without displaying the common product flavour breakdown and caking experienced with most bottled spices.
In addition this ensures a long aromatic shelf life; enhancing savour and offering a more interesting dining experience due to the nuances of flavour that arise during the meal from the individual spices and herbal ingredients.

The products are colour coded in the rainbow spectrum sequence for point of sale effect, powerful visual appeal and outstanding market presence.

The labels are waterproof.