A compilation of digital art galleries featuring selected works of Derek & Isa Went:

A father and son team.

All images are either original digital paintings or photographs that have been created through the use of graphics software.

The artwork on offer is representative of an anthology of tales from the Caribbean, revelations of the beauty of Barbados in particular, or striking captures from international travel experiences.
Some of the pieces are accompanied by original poetry or words of inspiration.

Most Gallery exhibitions are available as complete DVD slideshows with complimentary music for screening in any private or corporate environment or as individual archival quality prints, which can be suppllied framed or unframed on high grade, acid free rag papers or canvas of various weights.

Cost is determined by details of the final order as related to the artwork itself, DVD specifics, print size, paper, canvas or type of framing used.

Derek Went

“I have always been an Artist…and I am always learning to see.”

“I appreciate light, colour, form and texture as abstract composition. For me, interesting people provide context for a visual narrative within the fluidity of their environment. They relate a new story which I then interpret creatively.
There is absolutely no limit to the sources of my inspiration.
I observe beauty juxtaposed all around me constantly and see it all as art.

Most of my recent painterly work is created using pure digital information.
In my paintings and photographs, this modern medium is informed by my classical fine art training and strong eye for line. I use it to express how I see.
The work presented here in Eye Went Digital draws heavily on my love of photography and I am exploring the intriguing fusions that are made possible through the unlimited artistic freedom offered by graphics software.”

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Isa Went

“I am a visual artist with an eye for the unusual.”

“The way I look at things from strange angles and different perspectives, often transforms the mundane into the sublime.

I am powerfully drawn to the interaction of light as it plays on and through subjects in my surroundings..
My images strive to capture this amazing, fluid movement that is such a constant aspect of the natural environment in the Caribbean.
Hopefully my photographs will serve to draw the viewer into a deeper appreciation and consciousness of these rich forms and vibrant energies as a result of my vision.

I am always inspired by the visual journey and am learning to see more clearly.”

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